Hello sweet friend, did you know I'm super passionate about helping women like you birth your dream babies? 

You may not have known this about me but I used to be a doula. What is a doula? A doula is someone who assists and advocates for women during labor and delivery, making sure they have the kind of birthing experience they desire. I spent three years standing beside women, holding their hands, wiping the sweat from their brow and reminding them they are stronger than they think they are.

And something magical woke up inside of me.

I came to the realization that we too are pregnant. All of us. Yes, even you. We are pregnant with dreams and wishes. There is no such thing as infertility here. And I'm passionate about holding your hand, wiping your brow and remind you that YES you've got this! I'm here to assist and advocate for that dream baby you are laboring over to enter the world screaming in all his/her beauty.

So what do the dream doula sessions look like?

You + Me for one week. Yes, you read that right. You get me and my creative services for one whole week via email. Unlimited back and forth. 

During this week of emailing back and forth you will be given creative "homework" assignments/prompts to get to the heart of your dreams so that you know without a shadow of doubt what it is you are wanting out of your life. 

By the time we finish together, you will have a map lay out before you of all the action steps you are ready to take to get you towards that dream baby. 

Don't know what your dream is? No problem. Weve got sonograms for that and I'm pretty great at shining the light on that baby within you, holding the mirror for you to see the magic inside of you just waiting for its due date.

What does it cost?

One Week Dream Doula Sessions $90

One Month Dream Doula Sessions $300 (currently not offering monthly options)

Are you ready? Say Yes by contacting me below.

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