Day Three Of Writing


1:14pm ~ 2,717 words 92% battery life.

I’m writing from a hotel room on vacation. Writing happens here and there and everywhere. The hubby and I ran away for the weekend, he’s off getting a massage and I’m here typing away. Or at least trying. 

Today I started thinking of word counts. How long do I want this little novel to be, how far do I want to take this plot? We’ve decided its gotta be small enough we can put it all together in one volume and hand out to all the places inspiring this little story, my favorite bar, the kids own wilderness camp, that bookstore here in Roanoke where Sky and Liam will stop and browse, the list goes on. I’m so excited to see how my daughter blooms through this little writing project. Anyhow back to writing. 

1:35 pm ~ 3,212 words 88% battery life.

Writing away. Doubt starts to sneak in. It always happens about this far into a story. You know, its like the monster under the bed, but its the one inside your head you cant escape by leaving the room. That negative voice inside who whisper shit like …

“Who do you think you are?”

“Do you really think this is any good?”

“Your writing is crap.”

“Nobody is gonna want to read this shit.”

“Who are YOU to be writing romance novels? Weren’t you just arguing with your husband?”

“You should just give up and do something else.”


Heres what you do when those voices come up. Or rather, heres what I do. I say FUCK YOU and just keep writing. 

2:22 pm ~ 3,596 words 84% battery life.

I fought through the negative thinking. I got words down but I think I’ve had enough for today.