Starry Sky Novel : Day Two

12:41 pm ~ 1,515

Note to self : Know what the fuck you are going to write before you sit down at the computer. Period. Exclamation mark. 

I started the day staring at the screen. Waiting for my fingers to dance but.. nothing. I know people (ahem: Stephen King) who can fly by the seat of their pants, and claim no outline or writers notebook is needed but.. I’m no King. I need direction. Always. This gal, is legit directionally challenged. In all the ways.

Grab paper, re-read what was written yesterday and scribble out a scene plan. What happens next. Thats it. And then, the words will hopefully flow. If only I can remind myself of this advice each time the pause comes. 

1:23 pm ~ 2,098

Sometimes, I gotta just admit when something isn’t working. I mean, I know my word count is rising, so technically its considered progress, the story and characters are captivating me, so, win! But. It feels forced. Ive learned to never force the words. So, I take a break, another pause to brainstorm. 

My favorite way to brainstorm is with a creative tool, a little thing called mind-mapping. Google it. Or better yet, I’ve got a whole youtube video mind mapping my ideal client for my coaching practice - it you can check out here: mind-mapping my way.

Mind-mapping is one of my most valued tools for this writing process. I’m off to map what the first day at camp is gonna be like for these characters of mine. I debate a kiss, but its a bit too early. Kisses are just so fun to write. And experience. Hmmm perhaps what I really need is a kissing break with my own man. His kiss will definitely wake up this pause. 

2:32 pm ~ 2,599

My laptop is still at 70 percent battery life and I remind myself I can’t give up just yet so I keep typing along. A little youtube break for inspiration and kick-in-the pants and I’m back to writing. In case you all wondered, I’ve got dinner in the crock pot - marinara meatballs (chicken) and mushrooms. I’m not sure what sides or how the dinner will play out. I guess in many ways I run my home the same way I do my writing. I have plans and dreams and goals for how I’d like my day to look but as far as the actual “how to get there” it can be a little fuzzy. I count meat in the crock a win. All other stuff will show itself and fall into place like these words. One foot in front of the other. Its the only way to live.

On another topic. True story. I’m wanting a glass of something and seeing as we are closer to 3:00 than we are 2:00, closer to dinner than breakfast, I debate opening a bottle of wine. But I’m on this mimosa kick lately. So I pop open a bottle of champagne. Doesn’t champagne make you feel all celebratory. Like, I’m a special person. It reminds me of an amazing book I read and still re-visit called The Champagne Diet. Read it if you haven’t. Its so good. 

Anyways. Where was I, oh yes, so I pop open the bottle and when I say POP I mean POP. Nothing spills, I’ve got a little trick that helps prevent spill, along with bodily harm of cork to face. Have you ever noticed that typical wine tops/corks don’t fit in champagne bottles? Unless I’m just doing it wrong. So I put a napkin over the lid and secure it with a hair tie. Yup. Truth. This is my life. I make the rules.

2:57 pm ~ 2,632

Done for the day. The house is starting to smell like an Italian restaurant and I need to figure out the rest of this dinner plan I’ve got simmering. I cant help but wonder how all this writing is going to work itself out once my kiddos are back and we start another homeschool year. On average I’ve been writing after lunch-ish for a bit so perhaps I can keep it up. 

I worry about stupid shit like this. Finding time to do the things I love yet balanced with all my other responsibilities and “jobs” as a stay-at-home homeschooling mama who is still trying to keep her badassery and wild sexy life alive. Its an adventure for sure. And I love this life.