Lets Get This Party Started



I’m not gonna sit here and tell you its easy. This writer mama life. I've given up and started so many other adventures along the way, hoping something less .. painful would stick. It didn't. This life is NOT EASY! Writing is one of the the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. For so many reasons. These are the stories, this is the process, confessions of a writer mama. Day One.

I’m supposed to be starting a romance novel today, I haven’t written a romance in forever and the first one, well, let me just tell you. I don’t even want to tell you. I never mention I wrote it, I don’t claim it, its not listed in the collections page. I hide it. Its not because it's bad, necessarily, I just didn’t realize writing fiction was like cutting your soul open and sharing all your embarrassing moments. There is no such thing as fiction. Let me repeat that again. There is no such thing as fiction.

Anyways, I’m supposed to be writing a fiction. My daughter and I decided, what the hell, lets write romances together. She’s sixteen. Try writing a sex scene with a sixteen year old. Interesting doesn’t even begin to describe it. So, no more procrastinating, I need to put this project down and get started. But theres just so much more to say.

Oh that isn’t all. I got up early to start "said romance project" but dilly-dallied my way around the morning, I took a long soak in my claw foot tub, watched some youtube for inspiration (thinking this too was part of the “working” process) AND THEN.. I had to go out and shop for dinner PLUS champagne for mimosa. Somehow I got in my head mimosas would fix everything and get the ball rolling. Maybe it did. I mean, technically I’m writing, I’m just not writing the book I’m supposed to be writing. Or am I? I never really know when I'm chasing inspiration.

1:37 pm

Okay its been two hours and I’ve got the first 700 words of our novel typed up. Woot woot. This shit is happening. I type and then read out loud, type and read, type and read, didn’t realize that was one of my quirks till just now. And surprise surprise just when I’m seeking clarity on a specific thing (like the title for this book) it comes to me. 

Just like that. Brilliant. Write. Read. Repeat. Keep it simple stupid. Or is it, keep it simple sweetie. I guess it depends on how nice one wants to be, or their audience. I’m not worried about either honestly. Authenticity is the way this whole collection is gonna work. I’m gonna write and then share the crap going on inside my head cause I've heard to create the thing you need the most need/needed to find. I wish I’d had an honest to goodness glimpse into a writers life. What was it like? What did they eat? What did they drink? Did they have a life outside of writing? If so, what did it look like? 

Welcome to the world of me. I’m gonna spill all my messy guts out onto the page and tell you everything. Cause honestly, I still want to know everything. All the things. I give that which I desire. So consider this my diary of the journey. My confessions, frustrations, wins. Hopefully there will be wins, right? Oh yeah, my insecurities. Like I said, all the things. So. Here we are. Half way through day one. I wonder where it will lead me.

I have a thought. What if I created some type of fun ritual challenge. Cause yeah, I like a little competition/challenge, especially when it comes to myself. So. Heres what I’m thinking. I’m going to try to begin the day with a fully charged laptop. I write and write. And read and read. And repeat, you get the point. I show up regardless of inspiration and I write. I write and write and read and repeat till I get to ten percent on my battery. I’m not allowed to leave the page till the battery is run down by writing to ten percent, cause anything lower is really risking a loss of material. So we charge the battery up and hopefully see a high word count. The challenge is on. Let the adventure begin.

2:34pm ~ 1,365 words

Okay. I think I’m done for the day. I’ve had WAY TOO MUCH Champagne and my words are starting to melt together. Ive decided to start writing my word counts at the top alongside the time just so we are totally honest and open about this whole process. I’m at 1365 words and it feels fucking amazing. The story is evolving, the characters are showing up and wooing me. Theres a story here. Not just one. But many I’m telling. Thats that thing about fiction. IT DOESNT EXIST!

My oldest daughter just texted me and is on her way home from work. She’s excited to have some girl time before the sexy hubby arrives home from work and all my evening preparations get going. Steak dinner, sex, oh, you know, the usual when you are living a wild sexy life. Anyhow, 1,365 words plus the 857-ish words I’ve thrown down right here.  Not a bad beginning. Its the perfect one if I do say so myself. Welcome to the madness.